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Christmas Without the Need for Social Media

As an amazing Christmas and year comes to a close, thanks to everyone for checking in on the blog once in a while. Rest assured, the less I blog and use social media it just means that life is getting better and the need to rely on social media to feel connected is no longer necessary.

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The History of AOL & Are You Still Paying For It?

This week AOL teams up with the Huffington Post, a former Tech Titan and my favorite blog, to bring you, I don’t know what but just when you thought AOL was completely dead, a la Myspace, they start to make me think they just might make a comeback. Most kids today don’t realize how huge AOL was and consider dial up an ancient technology way before their time. Here is a quick AOL history lesson by Molly from Rocketboom … . . Are you still using an AOL email account?… Read More