Email Marketing

Before I did Web Design I was an Email Marketing Manager. That means one of my original skills is good old fashioned list building and email marketing. What good is a website if your clients are not aware of new content? Did you expect everyone to be checking your website every week?

How Does this Work?

  1. Send me a list of emails, customers and/or clients of your business in excel format. This should be your master marketing list.
  2. I will create a mailing list in the email software client I use based on this list. I use MailChimp.
  3. Send me a simple graphic or some of your latest marketing.
  4. I will develop an eblast to go out to your clients.
  5. In 48 hours you will get a report on how many people saw your email.

Ask about my monthly plans that include email marketing.

I also offer additional email services that are catered to your requests. Want to send a newsletter? A Welcome letter? Thank you emails? There are so many options to send emails to keep your customers engaged with your business.

Do you have a Master Marketing List?

I can help you here if not. You may be using other services that are collecting emails for you that you may not be taking advantage of. Your POS system, a reservation system and more may already be developing email lists for you to use.

Here is a Master Marketing Template you can use to get started: Download Master Marketing List

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