The sites I am building are solid business websites that I back up with email marketing. The 3 goals for the sites that I am building are:

  1. Allow you to be found in a Google search for local businesses. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in.
  2. Tells the story of your business. This is where a clean web design, beautiful pictures, and some great copy work comes in.
  3. Entice a website visitor to leave an email address for more information. Then you start your email marketing.
I have a small but growing list of services that I offer. Some of my most common services are listed below. The percentage on the bar is the approximate amount of requests I get for that particular service:
Web Design 70%
Search Engine Optimization 46%
Email Marketing 85%
Website Updates 60%
Google Maps Updates 91%
Yelp Help 55%
Website Administration (abandoned site that needs updates) 63%
Marketing Consultations (develop marketing calendars) 97%

Use the form below to contact me for more information: