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Sadly, RSS has become a dying technology but my hopes are it makes a comeback because it’s the only way to receive great content without all the ads and trackers. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) enables you to view lots of web content without needing to visit tons of individual websites or pages. Today I would consider Facebook a huge RSS reader, it’s very convenient but also gives Facebook the ability to control what you read and see.

Reading an RSS feed

Most websites have a feed you can subscribe to. There are two ways to read an RSS feed: the first is through your web browser. All the latest browser releases support RSS viewing, including Chrome, Firefox and Edge. The second method is to use a dedicated RSS reader. These programs check to see what feeds have been updated, and then display the stories as a list of clickable links. Nothing is censored.

I use Feedly which is an online Feed Reader, an excellent choice for beginners, ┬ábut when I want to use a standalone reader, a reader that’s not dependent on someone else’s server, I use Leaf which is a MAC App that has it’s own RSS Engine. Both are excellent!

Subscribing to an RSS feed

Click on the link to the blogs RSS Feed here – Most sites you can just add “Feed” to the URL. The next page will give you plenty of options to subscribe within your browser via the instructions on-screen. Or, if you wish to use an RSS reading app, simply copy the URL, then go to your reader and paste it in the relevant place. See the documentation for your reader for precise instructions on how to subscribe to the feed you have chosen.

Sign up via Email

A lot of web publishers are going a little low tech because of all the censorship on social media. Email is still the best way to keep in touch. WordPress blogs have always been email friendly. You can subscribe via email here:

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