Project Description

Entrepreneur’s Website

This is my personal website, a site I have had for 17 years, that I retooled to market my web design and marketing skills. The website is SEO and Local SEO Optimized and features secure SSL. On a Google search, the website is featured prominently, in this case, I can claim the top search result on the keywords I picked. The site has earned a rich snippet in a Google search. The homepage features a licensed video clip which adds life to the page. The website started as a blog and I still use it as an active blog. See the full blog at

Out of 887,000 search results I can claim #1 on my keywords.

Website & Micro Marketing Campaign

  • SEO Optimized

  • Local SEO Optimized

  • Secure SSL

  • Monthly Website Updates

  • Branded Email Accounts

  • Monthly Marketing Meetings

  • Monthly Eblasts