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My latest Custom Design – DavidDaniels.com

Posted by: David Daniels on March 17, 2022.

This is a site redesign I have been working on for a few months now. The goal of this new design is to focus on highlighting some of the free socials like Gab and Truth Social in the top navigation bar and footer areas. If you are familiar with the backend of a WordPress site you may recognize the wordpress theme selection page I have posted below. I build sites using VSCode and then cut them up into a wordpress theme.

Building a site this way allows me to implement functionality that I may not find anywhere else. The wordpress developer community is still not supporting functionality for the free social networks so I went ahead and made my own. Right now the site is using minimal plugins (less than 6) and I am working on avoiding all the plugins that have slowed down previous sites.

Free Socials

The top navigation bar of the site starts off with TruthSocial.com which is still in beta. I am in there as @daviddaniels but there is no web version of the service yet. This is expected at the end of March 2022. Once this goes live I expect that link to work. The Truth Social app has already replaced my twitter account.

The next link goes to Gab.com and they are doing a great job of building out a platform that has replaced my Facebook account. Gab has gone to great lengths to eliminate bots from their platform while promoting free speech. Anything goes on Gab except for porn. That is the only thing that is actively blocked along with the bots.

Version 10 Notes:

This is the first draft of version 10.0. The plugins below I use and recommend.

Sassy Social Share – this plugin I have used for a long time for one reason only, it allows me to add share buttons to Gab and Telegram. Not many of the developers are developing with Gab in mind.

Rank Math – this is a free plugin that I use for SEO. It is a lot easier to do the SEO from the backend but most of the initial pages on the site were coded directly into VSCode.

Jetpack – this is a big plugin that can slow down a site but I do love having the traffic analytics on the backend of the site.

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