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March 13th: 3 Years to the Day we Locked Down the Entire Planet for a Cold Virus.

Posted by: David Daniels on March 12, 2023.

March 13th is always a big day for me but for the rest of my life it will be the day that I use as a marker for when the entire planet was locked down for Covid, a virus with a 99.9% survival rate.

Since then we have had more people die from the vaccines for covid than we had die in the Vietnam War and this is far from over. Soon we will see the collapse of the medical system for its part in the fraud on this planet but first it is time to collapse the financial system since the medical system is funded from this failed banking system. 

We have been through this before, we just dont remember it. Bank runs are not a big deal for those who dont keep much with the current system and only use the current system for their basic needs.

We have been building alternative systems for quite a while now. There will be better options for us when the system does collapse. Keep your heads and you will be fine.

Time to sit back and stay out of the path of this financial storm. It will be a doozy!

It’s a Wonderful Life: Bank Run Scene
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