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Elon Musk asks, “Is Twitter Dying?” Can Elon save it?🍊

Posted by: David Daniels on April 10, 2022.

As of the last few months I have rarely used Twitter because of the rampant censorship and left leaning news slant of the platform but lately I have been monitoring the situation over at Twitter to see if that is going to change in the near future. Now that Elon Musk has bought up to 9.2% of the company’s stock I am expecting some big changes. Elon’s twitter account is a breathe of fresh air and reminds me of the good old days of twitter where you could say just about anything without getting banned or cancelled. The richest man in the world now does not have to worry about being banned or canceled on the platform so he is free to speak his mind. Here are some of his latest thoughts…

Some of Musks latest tweets with my analysis…

This tweet is asking the question that many of us have had in the past. How do these accounts get so big when they are hardly used. It indirectly asks about shadow banning and the algorithm that is used to push certain tweets into as many timelines as possible while pushing down the reach of accounts that twitter employees may not agree with.

This tweet I am sure is getting into the heads of the twitter corporate office employees who consider themselves the gatekeepers of the information superhighway. I prefer “twatters” myself but “titters” will work too. Get over yourself twitter employees. You are just another public service utility that should be used to benefit all, not play god with free speech.

This tweet is Musk trolling twitter employees… again. When your employees feel they are too good to show up for work why not remind them they work in the cesspool called San Francisco and invite the homeless to use the facilities. When your office is overrun with the homeless who are shooting up and defecating all over the place you can take it to twitter and find Nancy Pelosi, your representative in Congress, and see if she will do something about it. My guess is the intern that runs the account will thank you for supporting the homeless.

Right on the money with this tweet. Most adults lean right on the political spectrum but you would never know it if you were getting your news from twitter. This is the conversation we should all be having. Truth is absolutely the first casualty in this information war.

I always recommend going to the tweets themselves on twitter and checking out the comments to see what the public is saying. Twitter is considered the soapbox of the world and why it is so important to maintain free speech on the platform.

David Daniels
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