Comments Standards

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Comment Standards

This is a community here so let’s keep it clean. I invite comments on because readers may have valuable information to contribute to the Site. Let’s set a high standard for reader comments and involvement.

One important and positive aspect of a web site is the capability for readers to share what they think about a particular topic. A negative aspect is when those comments are off topic, juvenile, snarky, offensive, irrelevant, or self-promotional in nature. At my discretion I will not publish information deemed not to be a worthy addition to content. Remember, it is my site and my content.

Some Commenting Rules

Posting comments which contain personal attacks against the author or other commenters will be deleted. If you think an article or a commenter is wrong, feel free to say so and to argue why. We welcome differing views, but not those that call people idiots, stupid, corrupt, or contend that they are taking positions because they are evil or immoral. You are free to say another commenter is wrong but you must state why.

I also won’t allow comments containing allegedly factual claims that I know to be wrong, or which I simply lack the time or resources to verify. I may delete comments that are considered racist, sexist, or derogatory to any religion, sexual orientation or ethnic group, or that is consider to be offensive.

Thank you for visiting.