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Roosevelt Field Hotspots. Not All Hotspot Are Created Equal

Here I am, spending a little time on a lazy weekend in Roosevelt Field Mall. It’s early in the morning and there are few shoppers around so I decide to check out the WiFi Capabilities of the Mall. Sometimes I do it from my iPhone but this time I pulled out my notebook. I did not speedtest any of the hotspots as I am running behind a VPN and that always skews the results but the Mall has come very far in the last few years so here goes my… Read More

Ever Wonder What a Wifi Hotspot Router looks like? This may be in your Neighborhood too…

As most of you who follow me know, I am always out and about looking for WiFi hotspots. Lately I had lost access to the Cablevision Network of WiFi Hotspots as I tried to take advantage of a special that Verizon was offering. It was a $99 a month triple play package that included their high speed internet of 25mps. This was a pretty big speed difference over Cablevision’s standard 15mps offering. The only drawback was I no longer had access to Cablevisions extensive wireless network including the one that’s… Read More

Panera Bread’s 30 Minute WiFi limit

Image by DVdaniels via Flickr Saturday I was having a working lunch at Panera Bread before heading over to Roosevelt Field Mall and a little iPad action. Time Warner, Optimum Online and Comcast all have wireless hotspots at the Panera Bread in Carle Place but I sat down, signed onto the Panera Network ¬†and got down to work. After a really brief 30 mins I was booted off the Panera network. Time’s up. “You gotta go” is basically what the screen that popped up told me. How rude! Come on… Read More

Time Warner/Comcast WiFi Now on LI

I’ve spent months tracking WiFi hotspots on Long Island and usually what I turn up is AT&T and Optimum WiFi and these two have a huge head start. In the past I have written that I thought Cablevision would have a monopoly on Long Island if no other cable company attempted to blanket Long Island with WiFi. Now as I do my daily travels I am finding Time Warner and Comcast are both entering Long Island. My favorite WiFi hotspots now have more choices for me to connect to the… Read More