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The Internet Strikes Back but @Yelp Continues to Act Like a Bully

My whole point behind this blog post is that Yelp is just a site that people use to leave negative reviews but if you would like positive reviews you can get a business account where Yelp employees will work with you to “Optimize” your Yelp page. They will teach you how to “Correctly” flag reviews so that they are removed and only the good reviews survive.

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Managing Online Reviews – Except for Yelp

Check out this talk from the International Restaurant Show at the Javits Center in NYC. It’s about Social Media and Marketing in the restaurant industry. Overall this talk was informative and mentions some pretty common tools like Hootsuite and Google Alerts for managing your brand on social media. The panel also talks about monitoring the entire internet for any talk about your brand… Definitely not practical.

The panel also talks about how to use Yelp in your overall marketing campaign. Yelp will never be an option for this old school blogger. :)

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@Yelp Doesn’t Like My Profile Pic. Won’t Let Me Respond to Customers Until It’s Changed

Yelp is at it again. They clearly don’t like bloggers, especially ones who refuse to participate in their Yelp programs, scamming small business’s out of thousands of dollars every year. A recent email from Yelp, which I found in the trash, states I will have to change my profile pic before I can talk to customers. Apparently they require a “REAL” photo of me. Really Yelp?

@Yelp Won’t Stop Their Desperate Sales Calls!

I have been doing Social Media consulting with small business’s on Long Island for about 3 years now. There are many, many, many options for Digital Marketing and Yelp is just one of those options. The only problem with Yelp is that I have always been able to prove I cannot get a return on investment (ROI)