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To Switch to Samsung, Android or Stay with Apple

I’m just picking apart an interesting conversation I was having last night. I’m talking to quite a few people who are considering or have already switched to a “Samsung” phone. These same people are asking me how to customize their phones so they can be as easy to use as the iPhone. Really??? You buy a Samsung phone because you can customize to be like an iPhone? I know the phones are a little cheaper and are now flooding the market but come on now… What are you getting yourself into??

Google Authorship is Pumping Content into Google+. Content is King. Will Google+ Be King?

Bloggers know content is King. No amount of gimmicks, promotions, sweepstakes, contests or freebies will bring back readers to your blog again and again like good content. The same principle applies to Social Media but lately I have been pumping more content into Google+ because of Google Authorship. If other bloggers are doing the same will Google+ finally become a force to counteract Facebook?

Gmail Just Added Google Hangouts. Now We Can Super Collaborate on Documents!

I’ve been getting incredibly busy lately but I also am managing my workload better with Google Docs. Many people don’t see the value of Google Docs over Microsoft Office. Office is definitely the more powerful software suite but I hardly ever use it. If I need to create a document offline I use MAC’s Pages. If I have to collaborate on a document it’s Google Docs all the way! Here’s why…