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Google April Fool Gmail Button Sparks Backlash – BBC News

Google has removed an April Fool’s Gmail button, which sent a comical animation to recipients, after reports of people getting into trouble at work. The button appeared beside Gmail’s normal send button and allowed users to shut down an email thread by sending a gif of a Minion dropping a microphone. Source: Google April Fool Gmail button sparks backlash – BBC News This was news to me because I don’t use the web version of Gmail. For those of you who do, I would think twice about it. I used… Read More

“Mobilegeddon” is Here! Google Starts to Drop Non-Mobile Sites in Search Rankings

I’ve gotten quite a few questions lately about Google ranking mobile websites higher than a traditional website. In a nutshell, websites that load correctly in a mobile browser will rank higher than those that do not. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in the past but having a mobile optimized website is a must in this day and age. Most web designers worth anything will throw that in at little to no cost. Most of your WordPress Themes also come automatically with a mobile theme…

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