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Could You Live Without Gmail?

This was an interesting discussion I was having this weekend. The discussion centered around could we live without Google Reader now that it’s set to be retired on July 1st. My definitive answer was yes and I raved about how much I was enjoying my new Reader program, Feedly. But that’s a blog posting for another day.

Facebook SmartPhone Rumors & the FBI’s Backdoor Request

Here’s the rumor going around the web at the moment: Facebook is planning on introducing a smartphone! Read More About That Here… What would a Facebook smartphone be like? Probably a lot like Facebook. It may be dirt cheap, even free, but would rely heavily on ads to support it financially. It may also be slow, buggy, and ugly but because it’s free it would be the top cellphone on the planet, a cell phone capable of collecting data about everything you do. Read more about facebook building a smartphone… Read More

Note to Myself – “4 Ways to Backup Your WordPress Blog”

Note to Myself: Backup your Blog Regularly! I regularly back up my computer, at least monthly to an external hard drive. I also have an online backup service called Backblaze that works in the background of my computer to back up any files that have changed. But recently I lost quite  bit of work because I failed to back up the blog so I went on a little mission to find the best way to back up the blog frequently.