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Jay Z/Billy Joel – Empire State of Mind – Mashup

This is an obvious choice for a mashup— two of the greatest entertainers writing songs about their favorite city. And as a big Jay Z fan and Billy Joel fan I just had to share this: Credit goes to Loveandlogicrock’s youtube channel. They’ve got some great stuff going on. Great Start to the Weekend! :)

Winter in Central Park, NYC

We just got through one of the biggest winter storms of the season and luckily we have someone brave enough and talented enough to get some shots. I have Mike Kobal’s blog listed as one of my favorites. You can check out more of his work at Winter in Central Park, NYC: Canon Eos 7D: 720/60p from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to All! Just wanted to take some time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I have actually enjoyed the blogging this year and I have been impressed that the same small group of people are still following me throughout the entire year. Yes I know how many subscribers I have and well aware that it slowly but steadily grows instead of shrinking, even when  I go weeks at a time without an update. My shopping is done, the decorations are all up and the plans… Read More

Macy’s Parade 2009

Mickey Mouse, originally uploaded by DVdaniels. I usually go to the Macy’s Parade if the weather cooperates. This year the weather was pretty good and considering the economy, the parade is a great bargain. For me it’s the price of a train ticket and a coffee. This year it was 3 close friends and a Starbucks Gingerbread Latte (Free Plug!) as my early morning company. We got to Penn Station around 6am and walked a few blocks down to Bryant Park. From here we got an excellent view. So I… Read More

USS New York

I recently went to visit the USS New York while it was docked here at Pier 88 right next to the Intrepid this past week. The weather really did cooperate all week, topping out at 70 degrees, and the tour of the Navy’s newest warship was also completely free! While I was walking through the ship the crew of the USS New York acted as tour guides and did a very good job at it too. If the slideshow is too fast the original pictures can still be found HERE on Flickr. There… Read More

“400 Years of Manhattan” – NYPost

I wasn’t planning on posting anything today as we are right in the middle of a beautiful Labor Day weekend but, while reading the Sunday NYPost, I came across a section called the “Postscript” with a 9 page article titled “New York At 400 – History * Legacy * Promise, by Eric Sanderson. It’s a brief history of the city, century by century and is part of a special Hudson Anniversary Edition. I enjoyed reading the article. Here are the links: Todays paper 9/6/09 400 Years of Manhattan NYC – 1609-1708 NYC… Read More