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Tracking Cherry Blossom Trees with the Central Park Conservatory iPhone App

Another sign that Spring is finally here in the NYC area! The Central Park Cherry Blossom Trees are in full bloom. You can learn more about that on the Central Park Conservatory iPhone app. ???? I know, I know… this is a regular blog posting masquerading as a tech post but my weekend posts are usually something recreational. I’m just very happy that Spring is finally here and the long winter is over. If you get a chance, head out to Central Park over the next week. The Cherry blossoms… Read More

How Social Media will Shut Down NYC on MAY 1st

A General Strike has Been Called in NYC, May 1st – Facebook Event For those of you who get your News from TV, you will not hear about this until, maybe, the day of the event. Tuesday, May 1st, a massive mobilization of Unions, Activist Groups, Social Media Activists and Everyday People will converge on NYC and set in motion a series of actions to withdraw from participation in the normal workings of the economic system — by not working if that is an option, but also by not shopping,… Read More

Free Tax Help – VITA Sites Now Open

Did you make less than $50,000 last year? Use a VITA site and get free tax help… It’s tax time and for the majority of tax filers on Long Island, if you made less than $50,000 last year and do not itemize your returns, you are eligible to have your taxes done for free at one of the many VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) sites scattered around the NY area. And why should you use a VITA site? Credits! Credits can significantly reduce your tax bill and the big credit… Read More

Comparing Tower 1 Pics from 2009 & 2011

Every so often I shoot a picture of the World Trade Center’s Tower 1. This time I decided to put the latest picture I took side by side with one of the earliest pictures I took of the tower just peeking out above ground… So here is the side by side comparison. In about a year and a half the tower has grown tremendously and the picture on the right is the first picture I’ve gotten where the first 6 stories of glass have been installed. I believe a big chuck of the stories underneath with… Read More

WTC Tower 1 About to Peek Out Over The Skyline

After dumping all my photo’s from my camera, this was probably my favorite shot of the weekend. I think by the end of the year the Freedom Tower will be seen from the Brooklyn Bridge just peeking out from the surrounding skyline. Here you may be able to see it is almost at the same height as the surrounding buildings. I will periodically get pictures as I go into Manhattan but there is also a live webcam at This was taken 11/20/10.

Canstruction in NYC

I recently stumbled across these works of art that are completely made up of cans of donated food. All these structures were done by, an organization that is fighting hunger. These structures were strategically placed all over the World Trade Center Mall area and I thought it was an entertaining way to develop awareness of a growing problem. This is not just an organization that is asking for food donations, they are out engaging the public through can’s that are moonlighting as art. :) You can visit them online… Read More