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Great South Bay Sunset

Here is a sunset from the South Shore of Long Island. As I watch a sunset I am always in awe that this is just an average star in our galaxy, one of about a billion, and 1,300,000 times the size of our little planet.

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Chemtrails, the New Long Island Normal

Every weekend for years I’ve watched as we start off with beautiful blue skies… This is around 10am… Then the high altitude jets appear…    Then the chemtrails start to expand… Around 12pm…    And finally the rest of the day looks like this… 3pm…    This is normal for the current generation of Long Islanders. These are not the skies I grew up with on Long Island. All these pictures are from today, Sunday, 5/24/15. with the Memorial Day Weekend a distraction just thought I’d bring it up…

Cherry Blossom Watching On Long Island at SUNY Farmingdale

If your a huge fan of Spring like I am maybe you’re  watching our local Cherry Blossom trees and waiting for their peak blooms. In Washington DC, this past weekend, their famous Cherry Blossom trees were at Peak Bloom. Here on Long Island, Peak Bloom is almost here. There are Cherry Blossom trees in Eisenhower Park, East Meadow and a lone Cherry Blossom tree at SUNY Farmingdale. Go a little further west and you’ll find Cherry Blossom trees at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and Central Park. Here is the lone… Read More

Long Island Freedom Car?

It’s a rare Weekend posting in my little “Long Island” category of the blog. Just a little something I snapped from the phone that I wanted to share…

Graduation Season is Here. What is my Alma Mater Up To?

Graduation Season is here on Long Island and most Colleges in the area will have their Graduation ceremonies in about 30 days. I had recently taken a tour of my alma mater, SUNY Farmingdale and noticed some significant changes in only the 5 years since I graduated. It’s a good sign for the Island that we have a Technology College in the heart of Long Island. Here’s what they are working on:

First Shots of the New Westbury Plaza on Long Island

Long Island is changing fast! I might have to do more postings about this… Decided to post up some pictures of the new Westbury Plaza in Westbury, Long Island. First store to open is the Container Store. It’s the first Container Store on Long Island and from what I hear, the company is very picky as to the locations they choose to setup. Next up to open in the mall is Trader Joe’s. They were not open yet at the time of this posting but they will be open in… Read More

Does Optimum WiFi Have A Time Limit?

Image by Getty Images via Daylife I get this question quite a bit and the answer is “NO”! If you are an Optimum Online customer you get unlimited free WiFi with your internet package. The same does not hold true for people who do not subscribe to Cablevision. Non subscribers trying to get onto the Optimum WiFi network will be considered a guest. Guests will be able to access the Optimum WiFi network three times per 30-day period for a 10-minute session each time. There is a limit of one… Read More

Nassau County – Fastest Internet in the United States

Nassau County has the fastest internet in the United States and if you lived on Long Island you already knew that.  Newsday is now confirming it at .Psst…. Newsday is owned by “CABLEVISION“! ;)

Long Island Blogger – Am I Alone?

 “Where is it all coming from?” All over! Some of my subscribers are even coming from Mexico. With that being said I’m going to start posting more with Long Island in mind. It’s a no brainer since I do live here. First off, let me say that I have lived my entire life on Long Island. I have watched the Island change over the last 30 years and I myself have changed along with it. Unfortunately not everyone from my generation was able to change with the times and many of my… Read More