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Great South Bay Sunset

Here is a sunset from the South Shore of Long Island. As I watch a sunset I am always in awe that this is just an average star in our galaxy, one of about a billion, and 1,300,000 times the size of our little planet.

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Chemtrails, the New Long Island Normal

Every weekend for years I’ve watched as we start off with beautiful blue skies… This is around 10am… Then the high altitude jets appear…    Then the chemtrails start to expand… Around 12pm…    And finally the rest of the day looks like this… 3pm…    This is normal for the current generation of Long Islanders. These are not the skies I grew up with on Long Island. All these pictures are from today, Sunday, 5/24/15. with the Memorial Day Weekend a distraction just thought I’d bring it up…

Cherry Blossom Watching On Long Island at SUNY Farmingdale

If your a huge fan of Spring like I am maybe you’re  watching our local Cherry Blossom trees and waiting for their peak blooms. In Washington DC, this past weekend, their famous Cherry Blossom trees were at Peak Bloom. Here on Long Island, Peak Bloom is almost here. There are Cherry Blossom trees in Eisenhower Park, East Meadow and a lone Cherry Blossom tree at SUNY Farmingdale. Go a little further west and you’ll find Cherry Blossom trees at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and Central Park. Here is the lone… Read More