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Registering for Starbucks WiFi

Accessing Starbucks WiFi If your on Long Island and still without power, this is for you. Today as I was working at a local Starbucks on Long Island, I was asked how to access the WiFi network in the store. Actually by quite a few people. There were many individuals working from here today as up to 40,000 Long Islanders did not have power after a huge storm.  These individuals had ventured out looking for WiFi Hotspots. Everyone know’s Starbuck’s has a WiFi network but most people don’t realize it’s… Read More

Earning My Starbucks Gold Card Today!

Yes that’s right! On today’s visit to Starbucks I will be earning my 30th star which entitles me to a Gold Card. What do you get? Right now I have a green card and at that level I get free wi-fi for up to two hours, free syrups, free brewed coffee refills, and free trial offers. After you earn 30 stars, you advance to the Gold Level. At this level, you get all the benefits a Green Card gets as well as a free drink after every 15 purchases, a… Read More

WiFi Hunting – Uniondale, Long Island

Today I spent some time, early this morning, doing some WiFi hunting in the Uniondale, long Island area. I updated my spreadsheet with the results. I was a bit disappointed in what I found. I got up really early and did my usual routine by headed to the local Starbucks in Uniondale located on Hempstead Trnpk. The day started out fine as the local Starbucks obviously has AT&T access and is close enough to an Optimum WiFi hotspot to use either/or network. That’s exactly what I was hoping for. As… Read More

Long Island WiFi – Where to Hop on the Internet While on the Go

Looking for interesting places to blog from on Long Island? From coffee houses to restaurants to Airports, Here are some of my favorite places to do some mobile blogging: Starbucks – The Bloggers personal choice for an office away from home. You can sit back and write for hours.  Most Starbucks have some really comfortable chairs to just lounge in, sit back and enjoy your coffee while writing away. It can get pricey but if you budget about $100 a month, ($4 a day for coffee and snack) and 2 hours a… Read More