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Proud to be an Egyptian @Abanidrees

Proud to be an Egyptian @Abanidrees, originally uploaded by Organica-. I could have changed the title of the blog post to whatever I wanted but left it the way it is, the way the photographer intended it to be used. What a brave people these Egyptians must be in order for one to stand up to so many… It took just 3 days for the people of Egypt to coordinate the peaceful protesting were all seeing using only facebook and twitter. The internet in Egypt was turned off to prevent… Read More

North Fork, LI – November is the Best Time to Avoid the Crowds

I got lost somewhere on the North Fork of long Island. Here’s a tip: The month of November may be the best time of year to go exploring the North Fork. You will avoid the crowds. Down in Greenport, LI I stumbled across the Kialoa V, a world class racing Yacht. The crew was preparing it to head out to the Caribbean for a winter of racing.  One of the crew did stop to talk about

I Was Born Too Late – NYS Now Using Google Apps

I’ve been using everything Google now for the past 5 years. Gmail, Chrome, Docs, Notebook, Reader, ect, ect… Now NYS is going to be using Google Apps in the classroom. Essentially I was born too late! :) But check out the video and check out all the cool stuff you can do with Google Apps. Everything is free! Note: Google notebooks is no longer updated by Google but is still one of my favorite online tools for taking notes. Essentially Google Docs can do the same thing.

A Young Person’s Guide to the Constitution

Ok, I found this youtube video incredibly informative and just had to repost it. I have been incredibly busy lately at the expense of my blog but I’ll get back to posting regularly very soon. Summer is almost over and I hope that everyone is enjoying their summers as much as I am. They just go too fast!

Don’t Close the Book on Libraries

Image via Wikipedia This is my open letter to Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn in response to the $37 million in budgets cuts planned for the NYPL, reducing the days the Library is open from 6 to 4. – Dear Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn, Now is not the time to close the book on libraries. The proposed $37 million budget cut facing The New York Public Library is the harshest in the Library’s history. It would close libraries, just when New Yorkers—and people everywhere—need them the most. It would… Read More

Happy Tax Day! Get Your Free Starbucks Coffee!

Yes, it’s been a few days since postings. I’ve been very busy but I’m still doing my morning routine which is to get to my local Starbucks early and write. Today I walked in and got my free coffee because Starbucks is attempting to raise awareness of the need for recycling. For today only you could walk in with your reusable travel mug and get it filled for free. Normally if you do this you get $.10 off the price of the coffee itself. This is certainly not something that… Read More