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Missed All My Goals this Week – Time to Activate Siri!

Every Sunday I sit down and write a weekly review on how the past week went. This week I fell short on everything I planned. Time for an after action review. On my weekly reviews I go over what I have done over the past week to push me just a little closer to my goals for the year. I list my biggest wins for the week, I review my big 3 tasks from the previous week to see if I got them all done and then I do an… Read More

Apple to Pay $38 Billion in Taxes on Cash Overseas, Build New U.S. Campus

Last month I wrote that Tim Cook will have to choose between China and the United States. Smart move Tim… Nice Job Mr. President. Apple will pay a one-time tax of $38 billion on its overseas cash holdings and ramp up spending in the U.S., as the world’s most valuable public company seeks to emphasize its contribution to the American economy. Source: Apple to Pay $38 Billion in Taxes on Cash Overseas, Build New U.S. Campus Apple Inc. AAPL +0.17% said it would pay a one-time tax of $38 billion on… Read More

Sr Network Security Engineer Reveals Twitter Ready to Give Private DMs to DOJ – Project Veritas

File this under “Angry”! But this is Great Reporting. I will go to their site and donate to their work here at They do great old school reporting. Personally we all know that everything posted online is stored forever but now that it is confirmed, and even used against the average citizen… now more than ever I will be sticking to emails via my website. Today Project Veritas will be dropping more videos involving how Shadow banning is done on social media. Should be interesting. Source: UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Sr… Read More

Social media giants are wild beasts devouring freedom and democracy, they must be tamed

  I posted three pictures here. Two of these guys who are armed with the most personal details about each and every one of us such as no Gestapo, KGB or Inquisition in history ever dreamed of possessing! THE OTHER ONE IS FIGHTING THEM! George Orwell wrote a nightmare into our language when he imagined a future in which ‘Big Brother’ scrutinises an enslaved society with an all-seeing eye, writes MAX HASTINGS. Headed by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, these men and women are armed with the… Read More

Happy New Year! The World Did Not End Sept 23rd, Oct 23rd or Nov 7th

Wishing Everyone a Happy & Healthy New Year! Yes, I know, the world was supposed to end this year on a couple of dates. Something about a rogue planet, called Planet X, was supposed to collide with us? No one knew exactly when so there were quite a few dates thrown out there. Another “Rogue One” may have destroyed your world on November 7th through his prolific use of Twitter. In any event, the world is still here and it looks to stay that way for the foreseeable future. Source of… Read More


“I’m just your average guy who happens to have a website. My website is my home on the web and I invest in it. I built my own wall on the internet, “Making The Internet Great Again” for me to use, because when the internet ghettos are gone, the last places to easily find people on the internet will be on their own personal websites.” – David Daniels The posted picture above is me looking back on the New York Skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge post 9/11. The world has gone… Read More