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Hello World!

Seventeen Years! Yes, this November the blog will be Seventeen years old but since so few have been following along for that long I have decided to do a traditional “Hello World” posting. So here is my latest Hello World Posting… This is my Blog. Welcome! After growing up just outside the Sanctuary City called NYC, I had branded myself as a blogger from Long Island. That has all changed in the last 6 months. I find myself here… and if you are not sure where here is… And now,… Read More


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Summer 2017

The Mid-Year Update Hello Again! Thank you for visiting. Summer is here and I am not posting nearly as much. Even the internet takes a Summer Vacation. Enjoy the above video. I hope it educates you as much as it did me. “Please get off the internet when you can and enjoy your Summer!” “You can stillĀ find the blog here which I update monthly” or “chat with me on twitter here where I am on pretty much daily”.  

How to Follow Trump on Twitter via SMS

At its core, twitter is a text messaging service all phones have access to. If they ever went back to that they would kill Facebook because Facebook is web-based. Everyone has text messaging, even boomers with their older flip phones. But twitter will never listen to me. Anyway… Here is how to setup your twitter account to receive tweets from any account via SMS.

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