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Edition 37: Social Media Censorship at it's Finest! Censoring Vaccine Victims and Election Results on Social Media. These stories are related...

A Member of Congress being censored on Social Media. Twitter prevented this tweet from being shared even though she has the facts on her side. You are not informed when big tech does this.

Hello All! Here is the undocumented censored news for this week...

"Check out - VaxLongHaulers.com - a people powered site that is documenting vaccine injuries but heavily censored by Google."

This week we have another 1000+ vaccine deaths in the VEARS system, we are now up to 10,991 with only 1% of doctors reporting. This is the most heavily censored story I have ever seen.

If you are not hearing enough about this, you are not alone. I have been tracking Social Media Censorship for years and this particular story is clearly being censored.

The other big story that is being censored is the massive election fraud. This story is clearly being documented on the free social media platforms like GAB but heavily censored on Facebook, twitter and instagram. As the scale of the election fraud gets to the point where it cannot be ignored we can expect more COVID variants and more lockdowns as a distraction.

COVID Vaccine Deaths and Election Fraud. Watch these two stories as if your life depends on it. The more fraud that is uncovered the more people that will be hurt. All this was over an election!