My System to Better Health…

This post is the culmination of 4 years of personal research that I have done on my quest to look for additional energy and better health…

At the time I started my research I did not know that we would be in a pandemic, one that is now going on year 3, where everyone is worried about their health and the only answers coming from our government and the pharmaceutical industry is experimental vaccines. My simple goal at the time I started was to find more energy to do more in life.

The last few years I have spent collecting data on what I have been eating using the commonly used MyFitnessPal app. A smartwatch has been used to collect data on my daily movement and exersize routines while the smart scale was added as a tool used to track my progress. This has become a part of my daily routine.

The last 6 months (I started in July of 2021) I have introduced a new vitamin pack into the diet and at the same time started flushing the body out with alkaline water. I did a little redesign on the diet to limit the carbs and increase the protein intake all while avoiding fast food and restaurants. I think I have finally finalized my little system that I have been building and testing for the last 4 years to the point where I have been able to put this system into active duty. I felt a need to do this because of all that I was learning about our medical system, a system that was designed for profit. My little system is an attempt to avoid the current medical system at all costs.

I used my design skills to develop an infographic for those of you who would like something to download and reference (to your left). This is the very basics of the system I use but you have to work it. I also supplied some basic costs to give you an idea as to what you may have to spend to get started.

The system is still growing and is ready for its next step. The next step will be to incorporate a gym that has invested in the technology to help me track my exercises better and get more out of my morning exersize routine. I may even splurge for the personal trainer. This is the mission for 2022.

For now I am very happy with the progress I have made. I am down to my high school weight and have found the energy I was looking for. I hope you try this little system out and I am available to answer questions in the comments below.

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