ICU Nurse: “Do not Believe the News!”

Vaccinated are dying at alarming rates..

ICU Nurse from Florida out protesting. States the news is lying about unvaccinated COVID deaths.

From what I can verify this is a nurse from Florida where the news is reporting that there is a surge in COVID deaths among the unvaccinated. This nurse confirms the news is lying and explains why the frontline nurses are not getting vaccinated.

Notice her sign, “Keep Calm because Ivermectin Saves Lives”. It is now getting out that Ivermectin is the cure for COVID. Ivermectin is a safe, effective and cheap drug that has been around for 35 years, 5 billion doses have been administered in that time and the company that developed it, Merck, won a noble peace prize for the drug back in 2015. The mainstream media is referring to Ivermectin as horse medicine that humans should not be taking.

This is a classic example of the mainstream media misinforming the public. This is something the media will try to suppress. If you watch the news you will notice that most of the commercials are pharmaceutical. The news is financed by big pharma. This is why you will never hear about Ivermectin being a potential cure. If known this would end the pandemic immediately and these companies would lose a lot of money.

Greedy pharmaceutical companies creating a fake pandemic for profit. This will not end well…

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