The End of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Government Regulated Healthcare as we know it.

This is an interview with Karen Kingston – Biotech Analyst – by Ann Vandersteel of

It is expected that lawsuits can now start to fly over the deadly vaccine jabs now that one of the jabs have been “approved” by the FDA. FDA approval means that these jab companies have 14 days to release the contents of the jabs for review. Under the EUA’s, Emergency Use Authorizations, the vaccine companies did not have to tell anyone what was in the deadly death jabs.

With a potential 1.3 million vaccine deaths, millions more permanently injured and hundreds of millions who have taken these deadly jabs, we can expect litigation that will easily put these companies our of business and criminal charges bought up against all involved. Just because the US Government gave these companies liability immunity doesn’t mean these companies cannot be tried under international law, military law or Nuremberg Codes.

If you have stock in one of these satanic death cult big pharma companies who are profiting over human death and sickness, you may want to get your money out real quick.

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