Alternative Media – where the other half of the country is getting their News.

I don’t own a TV so most of the media I consume is from social media. It has been that way for me for a long time. Where do I get my news? From the alternative media which I will refer to as the real news. It could also be called the peoples news since it is just a ragtag band of citizen journalists running around the country in an attempt to keep the fake news honest.

I also get a lot from Gab but Telegram and Rumble are still a bit easier to use. The Social Media Aggregators are consistently posting to Rumble and all are pretty much posting to Telegram. I am going to post a small sampling here. It is a breath of fresh air to find news aggregators that end their programs will prayer. I highly recommend you check them out. I will post more in the future but this is a good starting point. They all share each others content and you will be introduced to other forms of news as the alternative media grows.

Social Media News Aggregators

There are two types of Alternative news. Just like the mainstream news the we are all used to watching everyday the alternative media has news aggregators and field reporters. The video posted is from a popular channel that cannot be found on youtube called, “As We Know”. This is a perfect example of a news aggregator where they take the top stories on social media and cut it into a 1 hour video. This channel puts out a video almost everyday where time permits and it is much more informative than your local news. Here

  • AndWeKnow – posts consistently.
  • Patriot Streetfighter – live shows and posts consistently.
  • RedPill78 – live shows, occasionally has call in shows for the public and posts consistently.
  • The Foxhole – Find many more livestreamers here but be warned… not all are that professional.

Independent Field Journalists

Most independent journalist are found on Telegram because of the ease of use from a smartphone. Many of the independent journalists post to telegram and then there work is picked up and used by the social media news aggregators.

There is so much more and the alternative media is growing by leaps and bounds. The alternative media is the real news now.

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