🥳 Gab Turns 5! 🎉

I have been monitoring social media platforms for a long time…

I have seen AOL, MySpace and Napster all be eliminated by the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube but Gab has managed to survive and thrive in a very hostile environment. Now, after 5 years, which is the threshold for a successful business, Gab is ready to take the lead in a crowded market of social media newcomers that are all claiming to protect free speech.

Gab started up back in 2016 just before the Trump presidency. I have always made it a habit of securing an account on any platform I think may take off. Not all do. I have been a user of Gab since 2016 and all the information I am posting is from memory. I recently visited the wikipedia page for Gab to review their history and the misinformation on the page is so blatant I could not really site them. Understandably since Wikipedia is not an approved source to site for a child’s schoolwork, I will not use it either.

I got on Gab back in 2016 when it had just started up and in the beginning, at least for me, it was not a viable alternative for any of the platforms I was using. No one was on it and it was very slow. I also did not have a pro account at the time so the functionality was very limited. The account really did not get much use at all until I got myself banned from using facebook sometime in 2020. Then came the purge of twitter in January of 2021 and then I started using Gab on a more consistent basis.

Around January of 2021 Gab was deplatformed. After a little downtime Gab came back and was hosted on its own servers. Being on their own servers meant that they could not be deplatformed but the self hosted service was incredibly slow. Almost unusable really.

I would say around April of this year, Gab made the transition to a platform that could handle a tremendous amount of traffic and is now even a video hosting site where you can host videos that would easily get taken down on the other big platforms. Gab has come a long way an is now a viable alternative to facebook.


Parents, if you want your kids off social media because of all the nonsense, the bad examples that social media influencers encourage or the complete lack of pornography filters then you may want to experience Gab.

GAB is a Christian based social media platform with robust pornography controls. GAB touts itself as a free speech platform which does not allow threats of violence and does not recognize hate speech. It is truly free speech.

Gab is a First Amendment company which means we tolerate “offensive” but legal speech. We believe that a moderation policy which adheres to the First Amendment, thereby permitting offensive content to rise to the surface, is a valuable and necessary utility to society. It allows unorthodox but correct views, such as the Wuhan Lab Origin Theory that was banned on Twitter and YouTube but permitted on Gab, to propagate. It allows hateful ideas, such as anti-White CRT, to be exposed and subject to scrutiny and challenge. It also allows Americans, and others around the world, to enjoy the full measure of their human right to speak freely online. Supporting the mission of freedom online means having the stomach to accept that people will say “edgy and offensive” things.

Gab CEO – Andrew Torba

So I am going to end this with a congrats to Gab on its 5th Birthday! I am very thankful for an incredibly large community of likeminded individuals that let me know I am not alone in this. The best is yet to come.

Of course you can find me on Gab which is fast becoming one of only two platforms I am using. The other being Telegram.

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