TikTok surpasses Facebook as Most Downloaded App

I don’t post much about TikTok because it is the one social media platform I do not use. It is based in China and they have built a profile on every American citizen that uses it. I will stick with a platform that is US based.

The numbers are indicative of where the future of these social media platforms will be. Facebook and twitter will fall to the new leader of social media platforms, TikTok, while Gab will take the lead in the US and will be the true free speech platform that will represent the United States commitment to free speech.

Gab is inevitable.

I am also a user of Telegram which is a great replacement for twitter but you can see that they are based in Saudi Arabia so I am not sure how long it will remain a place for free speech. The only social media platform that I really do trust is Gab, a company run off of a literal farm in Pennsylvania. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google are all based in the communist state of California.

Many years ago I wrote about the social media platforms becoming social media ghettos and included a video of a very rare interview with Matt Drudge who really does give some incredible insight into the state of social media back in 2015. At this time Facebook was already a social media ghetto and who could predict that Facebook would get even worse! I’m reposting the interview here…

Be careful where you hang your hat on the internet, you don’t want to end up in a bad neighborhood.

Find me on Gab. I hope to see you in my neighborhood.

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