This Movie is Just about to Reach it’s Climax


This week I came across many people who are unhappy in the direction that our country is going. With all the chaos swirling around us I was asked how am I able to cope with it all?

It is simple. I see this moment in time as the old world collapsing and it will continue to collapse much like the World Trade Center on 9/11. Once the collapse starts it will be swift. Much like 9/11, everyone who sees the collapse will be shocked. For those caught in the collapse, every effort will be made to save them. Others may never see this collapse coming and will be taken completely by surprise. These are the lost ones.

As I hear stories of people who may have to give up lifelong careers because they refuse to get the killer jabs, eyes are being opened to new possibilities. Most of these stories have been shared on the uncensored social media networks, networks that will grow into new ecosystems for the new free world.

Actual messages from people who may have to give up careers to avoid getting the death jabs…

I hate to be so vague but this movie we are watching is coming to an end and soon it will be time to move on and build a new world. The choices we make now will decide what world we will be moving onto. And as we come to the closing of the final chapter of this movie it is now time to start writing the first chapter of the next story of the new world being built.

But we still have much to do before the end of this movie. Just know that the movie has a happy ending for most.


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