Spring – a Time for Rebirths and New Beginnings.

Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival

As I head into my 50th Spring on this planet…

I am lucky enough to call the great state of South Carolina my home. I have only been here 4 years, a transplant from NY, but it took a pandemic for me to openly embrace my new home and allow me to truly appreciate my freedom here in this country. As we have seen, freedom can be easily taken away.

South Carolina, one of a dozen states that is completely open to business and free from mask mandates, worked to preserve my freedoms and is bursting at the scenes with new business and economic activity. This is a new beginning for the state as it continues to grow and blossom.

In contrast, my former home of New York, a state I grew up in for 45 years, showed its true colors and completely took those freedoms away. Some of those freedoms may never return. I pray that NY survives this spring but it is not looking good. There are a lot of NY plates driving around here and the state is driving people away.

Across the border, a mere 10 minutes away, the state of North Carolina is in a similar conundrum. They are open at 50% capacity and mask mandates remain. North Carolina has lost a ton of business to South Carolina and companies continue to cross the border looking for economic freedom.

There is a civil war brewing here which I hope remains civil. It will be over the mask mandates and vaccinations. The masks are quickly being thrown away and the slogan, “You will get the steel of the needle in my skin in exchange for lead in yours” means that forced vaccinations will not go well here.

I feel that this is going to be a great, but challenging year and a year in which we will all grow to cherish, love and defend our freedoms. I hope that we can extend those freedoms to everyone.

May the Civil War be Civil.

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