The Preferred Weapon of the Enemy is Fear.

My last blog posting was two weeks ago and I also skipped a weekly newsletter, certainly not the norm for me. I was in no mood to write.

Life has changed for me considerably and permanently.

I lost my Mom at the age of 78 to Pancreatic Cancer. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer back in May of 2020. It was a devastating loss, especially since the doctors in NY, where she lived, were not seeing patients physically in their offices. A simple routine checkup would have caught this early, something that would have easily been scheduled since she had a history of cancer.

Because the Doctors feared seeing patients, my Mom feared getting an unseen invisible virus, family members feared contact with each other because of an unseen enemy, fear took yet another life. This was a hard, tough but avoidable loss.

It’s a different world here in South Carolina for me. Being on the border of SC/NC I am exposed to the fear lockdowns of NC and the freedom of SC where life goes on as normal. Somewhat. We do not live in fear.

So I went home for a day to attend my Mother’s funeral. It’s been just over 2 years since I last visited NY and so much had changed. NYC is drenched in fear and hard to get away from.

I am very familiar with NYC, the media capital of the world. It’s a strong bubble over the tri-state area that easily pops when you move away.

The mainstream media and I are old enemies. Over 10 years ago I had removed the TV from my home, tired of the incessant fear programming coming out of the boob tube. Without all the fear being pumped into you on a daily basis you are able to see the world for what it is, a beautiful and peaceful place.

For those I left behind in NY, fear has consumed them. Physically and emotionally distant from one another, mentally struggling with PSTD from all the incessant fear mongering, those I left behind are now casualties of an ongoing war where fear is the weapon of the enemy.

On this Sunday, all I ask is you put aside your fears, step out of your comfort zones and make sure everyone close to you is OK. Because there will always be another invisible enemy to fear until you learn that the invisible enemy does not exist.


I have left a permanent page on my site dedicated to my Mom.

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