Is the Media Faking the Air Force One story?

For the last two weeks I have been on twitter demanding to see proof that the “President” is also the legitimate Commander in Chief. Does the Military recognize this President as legitimate? Quite simply the Military can answer this question by allowing the “President” access to Air Force One, his transportation provided by the Military. The Biden Administration and the fake news media tried to answer that question by staging a very short trip on a clearly mocked up AF1 and fooled most of the general public. Not me.

Not Air Force One.

The aircraft that was provided to “President” Biden was not Air Force One. This is a private jet mockup of some sort. See for yourself….

Compare to the real Air Force One. There’s a big difference. We saw AF1 pull into hundreds of rally’s over the years and we are quite familiar with it. My theory is that while the Military is actively investigating election fraud the current Administration has no access to AF1.

What do you think. Is this Air Force One?

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  • Kelly E. Griffin

    WOW!!! Is all I can say. Great job of uncovering fake news by Axios, Aircraft spots, and News Now, as well as many others purporting the same lie. You’ve got me curious with the Military withholding access, as it’s the first I’ve heard of this.

    • David Daniels (author)

      What I have learned so far after writing this is that this is the Vice President’s plane which the President occasionally uses when he needs to get into smaller airports. This is not the big boy that they use on longer trips and it is not usable as a command center. It is technically AF1 when the President is on it. That being said this is still a contested election that is being reviewed in the Supreme Court this week. We won’t hear about this because impeachment will get wall to wall coverage.

      • Kelly E Griffin

        I also did some research after making my comment, which I usually do before commenting and will began doing so again. Any plane or transportation mode of vehicle the President of Commander in Chief uses is titled as Air Force One, Marine One, etc etc as he is the One in it. The VP being Two.

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