3 Live-Streamers on the Ground in DC.

The Military still has DC under a complete and total lockdown with more troops than we ever had in any war in the Middle East. How do I know? I have been following a few live streamers that have been on the ground the whole time.

Mustang Medic – A livestreamer who had been publishing videos to youtube from a 10 year old account that was dedicated to restoring old mustangs. Only recently did this account start monitoring the troops stationed in DC.

Richard Citizen Journalist – former military, this livestreamer is patrolling the streets of DC and reporting the happenings.


PenguinSix – this account I had been following for years and it was a pleasant surprise to see him covering the DC Military buildup. This individual was living in Hong Kong as a ex-pat, and was known for his walks through Hong Kong in search for lunch, usually Dim Sum. He is back in the States and I learned that he is former NSA and is very familiar with the area. I would watch this one before Periscope goes down and it is deleted.

As far as I can tell DC is locked down and empty. Congress and the Senate are not in session and the “President” has not been heard from except on TV. Let’s see what happens this week but it does look like DC is occupied by the Military and empty.

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