Birdwatch – Twitters latest attempt at Censorship

But Child Porn is still ok on twitter.

Warning: this is a rant backed up by facts. Literally backed up by videos that proves this is not misinformation.

On the day that twitter introduced “Birdwatch” there was yet another twitter purge. Recent purges suggest that in a few days we will know exactly what terms were targeted that led to account terminations.

It was only last month that I had just over 4000 followers on twitter. Now that number is down to 3000 and my feed gets quieter and quieter as twitter makes good on its threat to go after hate speech and misinformation.
Jack Dorsey, twitter CEO, recorded by one of his employees, threatening sustained and ongoing censorship.

An insider at twitter recorded the CEO stating that they we should always feel free to express ourselves in whatever format or manifestation feels right. My bet is Jack will no longer feel free to express himself on a Zoom call in his own company now that he knows he will have to grow up and learn how to have a conversation and defend his stand on censorship.

In theory, a group of contributors will be able to “respond quickly when misleading information spreads, adding context that people trust and find valuable.” Currently, this context will be available on a dedicated Birdwatch page, but the eventual goal is to make these notes available right on Twitter once “there is a consensus from a broad and diverse set of contributors.”

I am not sure how you get a broad and diverse set of contributors when you are banning people for every little post that sends the intellectually weak back to their safe spaces when they hear something that goes against their mainstream media programming.

But don’t worry, child porn on twitter is OK

Apparently this is a thing. This according to the NY Post which had its own twitter account locked when they posted up a story about Hunter Bidens crack habit and pornhub account with videos of him and his 14 year old niece doing obscene sex acts. NOT KIDDING HERE!

Is Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey trying to control “Misinformation”, removing “Hate Speech”, or censoring speech on the twitter platform?

Twitter believes that Birdwatch could be “messy and have problems at times,” but it believes the model is “worth trying.”

Like Facebook and other social media platforms, twitter has often come under fire for its failure to manage the spread of disinformation.
Thank you for the fake Plandemic for forcing these criminals to use Zoom so we can all see what they are up to.

The idea that misinformation can be managed by a public group of users — potentially the same public spreading it in the first place — seems oxymoronic. But Twitter insists Birdwatch is in its early stages and open to evolving.

The censorship will not be going away.

I remember the good ol days when “Sticks and Stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me” and learning how to develop debating skills where we could work out our differences. Sadly our educational system no longer teaches those life skills, teachers can’t teach what they don’t know and most parents come from broken families and never learned those skills either. I may be onto something.

What say ye? Is twitter censoring free speech under the guise of eliminating “hate speech” or are they really trying to eliminate “misinformation?

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