Social Media Diggers post up Proof this New Administration may be Fake…

The Internet is making an interesting case that the country is under Military control…

Every picture I found here was pulled off of Telegram, a small messaging service that big tech recently tried to have removed from the Apple App store. There are groups of “diggers” on Telegram sharing some really interesting information about this new “Administration”. It’s no coincidence that big tech is trying to take it down like it did Parler.

What’s being pointed out in these pictures I found is that this may not be the Oval Office at all but in fact a Hollywood set used in many movies called “Castle Rock“. Notice how fast the Oval Office was re-wallpapered in just under a day and the new parking right behind the Oval Office.

This Oval Office set is available from Castle Rock Pictures, which built an extensive White House set — East Wing and West Wing — on the Culver lot in Los Angeles for the 1995 film ”The American President.” The Castle Rock Oval Office has since been used for Disney’s ”Nixon” and 20th Century Fox’s ”Independence Day.”

But until recently most productions borrowed the Oval Office that Warner Brothers built for ”Dave,” its 1993 film about a Presidential impostor. ”It’s something that’s very distinctive, and a lot of people want it,” said Gary Credle, president of Warner Brothers studio facilities.

Evidence that DC is setup as a “Prison… credit @dpotcner on twitter.

Next up… this video I put together from some clips I found on twitter. It’s showing that Washington DC is locked down similar to a prison. It’s even called a Green Zone. The last time I heard that term was when the US Military took over a part of Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein and then they ran new elections for the people of Iraq.

So… I am only posting up some empirical evidence to suggest that the mainstream narrative may not be all it claims to be thanks to diggers on the Internet.

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This countries heroes treated like trash!
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  • Val

    The wallpaper with the stripes is old/Obama era.

    • David Daniels (author)

      I think the wallpaper theory has been debunked. Lots of new information has come out since this I posted this. I have seen Jill leave the White House since I posted this but I have yet seen any politicians beyond the security of the National Guard perimeter.

      • MissJane

        Where is the red button in bidan’s oval office?
        Trump had it in from of him. But bidan doesn’t have it


    do you know about the dc corp folow this rabit We The People ,,,,VS,,,,, WE THE PEOPLE and find TRUTH

  • Sharon Hatcher

    I just shared a video interview of Simon Parkes that addresses that topic. It’s on FB. and messenger under my name

  • Lisa Leonard

    The wallpaper is the same in the photo of Trump as it is with Biden. But others things are different. No call box either.

  • Jacob

    Someone said search Youtube “Trump signs 3 executive orders” and I saw that the video shows a paved drive running behind the oval office with official cars driving by. So it’s not a parking lot but a drive and a vehicle must have been parked there. Wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it and we know Trump wouldn’t be on a set design of the oval office.

    • Dave

      There is a service road, but if you look at overhead views and the size of the vehicle you can tell it is much further off in the distance. That car is much closer and looking at pictures of outside the Oval Office there is no way for a car to be parked that close.

  • Laurent

    On the third picture, the one on the top with Trump as exactly the same wallpaper than the one on the bottom with Biden.

    About the “new parking”, there is just lots of tree leaves behind Trump which may hide the parking (because the picture as been taken during summer?) and not behind Biden (it’s winter).

    • Beth Beard

      The rose garden is outside the oval office. No one can park there.

      • Два

        You’re absolutely correct.

    • Phyllis

      no I saw aerial view. Also that same video was of a photographer videoing everything, walked onto the set from the door with the film crew, right up to Biden at the desk. Remember, 2 days after Inauguration, Biden was writing EO’s from a tiny 4 ‘x2’ desk, definitely not the Oval Office. Before they got the set set up . I’ll look for the video

  • Bruce H. Garthe

    I will only put my faith in WHAT ACTUALLY happens, rather than what the lying media states. What I WANT to happen is the ARREST and CONVICTION of Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, and whoever else is guilty of TREASON and SEDITION against our government, and TERM LIMITS that will FLUSH the self-serving politicians FOREVER from Washington, D.C. (D.C.=Democrat Commode)!

  • Tina

    There is a photo of Biden in “oval office” with others. And the walls in the corner, are slightly separated…a movie set. I doubt the real oval office has walls that come apart.

  • Eriebabe

    More discrepancies: POTUS desk chairs are not the same: picture hanging above & statuary displayed on side table off to left of POTUS desk are not the same: side chairs are different in style & upholstery: if you zoom in will see area rugs don’t match up.

  • Wanda Lambert

    The whole Biden administration is fake. Biden is an old man that cannot remember shit, and Kammel toe Harris is high on something every day. That cackel laugh she has is really anoying, why is she laughing histericle all the time, even when there is nothing funny. Has got to be some kind of drug. Jen Saki is always “circling back” because she is just as stupid as the rest of the crew. God let them take power so he could show us how evil they are. We probably wouldn’t have known about all the filth and evil they are about if God had place President Trump in his rightful place. Pelosi, Shumer and Nadler would have continued to belittle President Trump like his first 4 years. Now God is going to make them pay, the Angel of death will visit them soon.

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