How I am Tracking today’s Historic Day…

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Today is shaping up to be a historic day in the history of this country and no doubt the media will fail to cover it. Twitter will attempt to censor this event with no success. Here are a few ways I will be tracking the Million Man+ protests happening in Washington DC today. But first…

What’s Going On Today?

Millions of Trump supporters are expected to converge on the US capital on Tuesday, a day before the official congressional vote to certify Trump’s election loss to Democrat Biden. A loss will not be accepted.

At least 140 Republicans in the US House of Representatives are expected to object to the Electoral College vote on Wednesday when Congress meets to certify Trump’s defeat.

Historic day! It’s a massive protest that people from all over the country will be attending.

Originally tweeted by Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) on January 3, 2021.

Where to Watch:

Right-Side Broadcasting

Wednesday, January 6, 2021: Join the RSBN crew LIVE from The Ellipse at The President’s Park as millions of President Trump supporters answer his call to show up in Washington, DC. for a rally like never before as the Electoral College votes at a Joint Session of Congress.

The Patriots Soapbox

PATRIOTS’ SOAPBOX NEWS – LIVE 24/7! Patriots’ Soapbox is a fundamentally new approach to news, commentary and independent journalism. The first 24/7 live stream driven by volunteers just, dedicated to providing unique educational and deep analysis of breaking news, history and current culture.
This one is a little tricky. This is a small team of tech savvy veterans who will be on the ground covering the days events. I suggest you follow their twitter account for alerts. Their DLive channel is here.

This is shaping up to be a historic day and I can’t even guess as to what is going to go down. Grab the popcorn! I am hearing that anything goes on a day like today.

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