Twitter SMS is now Located in the Twitter App

At one time Twitter was an SMS service and you could use Twitter exclusively using only text messaging. I wrote about that here way back in 2017. But as Twitter evolved it slowly turned off its SMS system and in April of 2020 you could no longer use Twitter via SMS.

It was only this week that I discovered that some of that old school SMS functionality can now be found, not in the web version of Twitter but deep in the settings of the Twitter app. I have always used third party apps for twitter on the iPhone so I was unaware that the twitter native app brings back SMS alerts to your iPhone and Apple watch.

Here is how that works:

Go into your settings in the Twitter app:
Then go into notifications:
Then go into SMS notifications:
And in SMS notifications you can adjust the settings for receiving SMS alerts from Twitter.

I like to get all Direct Messages, Mentions and Replies sent directly to my text messages so I don’t miss anything but I may change that because the Twitter app also has push notifications.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are another way to get Twitter alerts. Just go to Push notifications in preferences for a whole new way to get updates from Twitter. The big difference between Push and SMS is with Push you are getting alerts from accounts where you have enabled the Blue Bell.

I actually prefer Push notifications because I be very specific in which accounts I want alerts from. I have a maximum of 10 accounts that I receive alerts from and they are mostly news organizations.

I hope this posting helps you with your growing Twitter accounts. I am so happy to find out Twitter kept some SMS functionality in keeping with its original history.

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