We Need an American CyberSecurity Military Commitment to Secure Our Elections.

The biggest and most censored story on the planet right now is how one of our voting systems, used in 28 states, is owned by the Chinese Government.

The voting system called “Dominion” is not a tabulating system to just count votes but is in fact a system designed with goals to manipulate the results of elections. These systems had absolutely no safeguards to prevent foreign or domestic interference and were used in states where the company producing the software gave monetary kickbacks to the Governor’s of those states to use the software.

I’m no cybersecurity expert but I’m pretty sure a voting system owned by the Chinese Government is not good.
Did Governors of states that used the Dominion software get kickbacks for using them?
Most computer networks are secured at a minimum to prevent people from just plugging in an outside USB drive from being used. This is a common practice not used for our National Voting System?
Any system should be designed to easily prevent rescanning of ballots. It’s pretty easy to do.
Here is the uncut testimony from the Dominion IT contractor…
Proof that these systems were connected to the internet and storing data in other countries?
There are plenty of small vendors that sell Voting software that we should be looking at too!
US cybersecurity expert Colonel Phil Waldron testifies that the US was monitoring for illegal activity and they have the real voting results.
The military is bulking up on cybersecurity experts. Is the primary mission of Space Force to secure Cyber Space which would include securing our election systems?
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