CNN attacks Parler as a Threat to Democracy.

The collapse of Mainstream Media, Twitter and Facebook continues!

The social media shakeout has begun. A steady stream of users are abandoning Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in favor of outlets where you cannot be silenced for supporting your political views. But the platform with the most buzz, though, is Parler. Parler is essentially Twitter, but without the censorship, and because of the oppressive way in which Twitter policed political speech during the election, many people are leaving it for Parler.

The degree to which Parler poses a threat to mainstream media and their big tech counterparts is made clear by the attacks being launched upon it. Here I was surprised to see that CNN was attacking the Parler platform. We are literally in an information war.

It’s a Threat to Democracy?

This one is more fun to watch. 😉

As a longtime Twitter user I have watched as my favorite accounts were censored, silenced and some ultimately banned for exercising their freedom of speech. Once these accounts are banned they just move over to Parler and continue posting. Accounts that are not banned pickup the banned accounts posts and post them to twitter. It is an exersize in free speech on social media.

It won’t be long now before the engagement on Twitter drops by 50% or more because half their users will be leaving. At that point I don’t see how they make any money as a marketing platform. Without the users there is no one to market too.

And you can find me on Parler here at:

This is a platform to watch in the near future. I am not sure how they are making money, there is no way to place any ads, but there is also nothing preventing you from grabbing traffic from this site and driving that traffic straight to your website. It was the way we built large email lists from social media users before we were censored. Looking forward to a free speech platform like Parler.

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