Is this the Quantum Voting System?

Is this the rumored Quantum Voting System that was used to secure the 2020 Election?

Rumors and conspiracy theories abound deep on the internet regarding a theory that the President had a branch of the government setup in 2018 specifically to secure the 2020 election. This branch is called CISA , Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and you can find out all they are doing at

In a nutshell, CISA leads efforts to protect the federal “.gov” domains of civilian government networks, and to collaborate with the private sector to increase the security of critical networks. I would think our voting systems are critical networks.

The theory goes that this agency was running a Quantum Voting System alongside the current one to identify voter fraud. This is the first evidence I have found of this system in the wild.

Is this the Quantum Voting System?
I can’t confirm this but there are people coming out stating the blockchain Quantum voting system was used alongside the current one.
Did President trump really have a landslide win?

According to rumors going around the internet, the US Army went into Frankfurt Germany and seized a server that held the original voting data. That data was stolen and manipulated through vulnerabilities in the voting system.

OANN is reporting that the real results of the 2020 election were stored on servers in Germany. The true numbers are shown here.
Is this the real voting data?

Here I found what is being presented as the real voting data. I inserted this data with the current data being reported so you can compare the two. It will take a while to work out all the fraud but in the end I am confident the final numbers will be closer to the voting data that was stolen.

Could this really be the raw data from the 2020 Election?

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    How would the Quantum Voting System have access to the millions of mail-in, early voting ballots that were counted by Dominion? If these ballots were part of the Democrat’s tabulation, supplied freely to the dead and illegal voters, they would NOT be encoded, would they? And if not encoded, how could they be disallowed since parameters for acceptable ballots were not announced prior to the election to include QUANTUM-encoded ballots?

    • David Daniels (author)

      With the Quantum system you could throw out all the ballots that were not encoded. This would leave you with just the real ballots. The Quantum ballots could be printed by Homeland Security or CISA. The Chinese ballots would stand out like a sore thumb without the Quantum encoding. In the future a real voting computer system would be able to read the Quantum ballots and spit out fraudulent ones.

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