Patriots Soapbox – the Most Heavily Censored Website on the Planet

In the traditions of this countries founding fathers, an open space on the internet to peaceably assemble.

Much like what was done over 250 years ago by our Founding Fathers, where Patriots would gather on the street and have intelligent discussions around politics, religion and current events, the Patriot’s Soapbox is a space on the internet that runs 24/7, 365 days a year. A space where you can view lively discussions, the latest news and current events and join in the conversation via the live chats.

The Patriot’s Soapbox is not one of the biggest or flashiest of the independent Journalist sites and may look a little intimidating at first but it has been ground zero for developing independent journalists which explains why big tech has gone through so much trouble trying to delete them off the internet. Currently they have been banned from YouTube and Twitch.

The Soapbox it is run by a collection of IT professionals and volunteers who write, blog and practice their craft of being independent journalists. They also do some very deep dives, otherwise known as investigative journalism, something the mainstream media no longer does.

I would post up the lives stream but since they are always reseting it that would be useless. I would definitely encourage you to check out their website at and they are live 24/7 on DLive.

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