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CrowdSource the Truth
One of my Newest & Favorite Channels on Youtube

This was a rough week for everyone, that I know and understand. The mainstream media is just out of control and many of us will never trust them again. I do not own a TV and have not had one for over 10 years. If you turn yours off you may have less stress too. In any event, You can get a lot more intelligent information on the internet if you know where to look.

This channel, based out of NYC, is putting out videos that are chock full of information and they are pretty professional. I enjoy the videos where they are out exploring NYC in real time. I am finding these channels more and more. Eventually I think our media will gravitate to platforms like YouTube and this will be the new model for consuming real news.

Some of the videos are of two or more intelligent gentleman just walking the streets of NYC and documenting what is happening on the ground. Others are incredibly interesting interviews that are done over Zoom. Check out the video below, you may find it interesting.
Viewers were stunned when John Cullen revealed the bi-nodal outbreak attributed to a “second wave” of Covid-19 infections was nearly to that of the recently resuscitated 1918 Spanish Flu. But without input from a virologist, the discovery might be dismissed by some as mere conjecture. Today, Dr. Judy Mikovits joins us for a very special episode.

One of the big differences between what you find on the TV and what you find on a platform like YouTube is that content producers have to watch what topics they discuss. They also have to watch what words they say and they have to follow the YouTube terms of service. These content creators do make a living on the platform and do not want to lose their channels. Especially on YouTube, there is a ton of censorship.
New Yorkers prepare to landslide 10 percent Joe

I encourage you to check out the channel, it’s all about current events and many other topics you may enjoy.

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