Ted Cruz SHREDS Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey- Will Users Tell Twitter to Drop Dead After the Election?

Jack Dorsey - CEO of Twitter
Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, summoned to the Senate to explain why the platform is censoring the NYPost.

Last week I wrote about how Twitter was censoring the NYPost, the fourth largest newspaper in the country. This week, the CEO’s of Facebook, Twitter and Google were summoned to the Senate to explain their recent censorship and, now, election meddling. A very interesting back and forth between Ted Cruz and Jack Dorsey is posted below where Dorsey believes he is doing no wrong.

Check out the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. This is the leader of a major social media platform. Do you see the problem?
Twitter’s conduct by far has been the most egregious and will not stand.

Twitter has proven they have the ability to lock the accounts of most anyone, including the fourth largest Newspaper in the country. Twitter has censored the account of even the President of the United States and has shown they have the ability to kill stories they deem unsubstantiated by the across the board blocking of links to articles they don’t wan’t spread, all under the guise of protecting their users from hate speech and disinformation.

Is this Diversity?

In this segment, every CEO is asked about the political ideology of their companies. The only one who gives an honest answer is Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, because he has stated his answer in the past to Congress. These Tech Giants skew left leaning, not much diversity going on in Silicon Valley.

Government Regulation is Coming.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday that targets social media platforms and the content on their sites. 

The executive order aims to remove the protections of Section 230 in the Communications Decency Act. By repealing Section 230, social networks would be legally responsible for what people post on their platforms, in these cases, what they cannot post.

The law that protects speech over the internet has been around for more than 20 years, but has been targeted by politicians of both major parties.

The President is choosing his words carefully. Expect the Social Media Giants to be sued out of existence, broken up by the Government or even make it a public utility. He’s looking very powerfully and strongly at Big Tech.
There is talk of leaving Twitter after the Election

And just like that, if the President moved his account to another platform all of his traffic would move with him, essentially leaving twitter a vast wasteland much like MySpace was 20 years ago.

Twitter was a struggling platform before 2016, trying to find its voice because it did not have that killer functionality to establish itself as a legacy platform.

Content is King!

The content creators make the platform what it is and as content creators band together and move away from twitter, the Twitter platform will suffer. Ad revenue will drop and the company will no longer be relevant. Many of us, including Twitter themselves, see the writing on the wall.

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