Social Media Censorship Continues

This week it’s a Twitter Purge!

Last week I covered the purge of independent journalists off of YouTube. This week I watched as the same censorship hit Twitter, a platform I have used since 2008. The censorship has escalated dramatically, election interference being predominant, and a large amount of reporters and journalists with substantial followings are being wrongfully terminated with no explanation.

Despite government hearings with big tech, a recent antitrust lawsuit against Google, Project Veritas’ recent bombshells exposing Google, the debatable repealing of Section 230, and millions of people screaming from the rooftops, nothing seems to put a stop to their blatant in-your-face control of search results, ads, posts and accounts so they can monopolize the narrative they wish to push. It’s flat out criminal and they are harming people’s livelihoods, finances, and businesses while censoring their voices.  

Social Media Users are Scattering all over the Net

Many of these banned users are moving to Rumble, a platform partially owned by conservative radio host, Dan Bongino, but there are a number of streaming video platforms out there that gained new users this week.

With all this movement it will make is a little more difficult to decide on where you would want to spend your time and marketing dollars. Here are some of the platforms that I am now using in the last week:

  • Dlive – offers live-streaming
  • Rumble – will be offering live-streaming in the near future.
  • Bitchute – no live-streaming as of yet.
  • – offers live-streaming, a very popular site for gamers
  • – this is twitters live-streaming platform.
  • Clouthub – this is a social media platform where videos can be hosted
  • Parler – also a social media platform that can host video
  • – another social media platform that can host video

I personally like Rumble out of all of them. I am a fan of simplicity and minimalism. The gamer sites are just an overwhelm of information where Rumble, as a newer site, was very easy to start using.

You can find me testing out Rumble

So now I can be found on Rumble too and here is my first post testing out the service:

My first Rumble!

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