Tech Giants, Twitter, YouTube & Facebook attempt to kill Hunter Biden story

Thursday, Oct 15th 2020 was the day YouTube purged thousands of independent journalists off of their platform.

A large number of independent journalists who were running their own YouTube channels were systematically eliminated from the platform for breaking YouTubes terms of service (TOS). Their TOS is constantly growing and youTube has a rather large list of community guidelines that also need to be followed.

Highly suspicious as it is right before an election and a potential 2nd wave of COVID.

Most of the accounts were just starting to post the Hunter Biden story that I have linked throughout the article. Many of these independent journalists were removed from YouTube for “Harassment” because they were publishing stories that were not fully verified although the NYPost had already started publishing the story.

Yesterday I reported that the NYPost started running the story first, then they were being blocked from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The NYPost is the fourth largest newspaper in the country, a very big censorship line to cross.

Senator Ted Cruz goes ballistic on Big tech censorship.

The story continues below where Rudy Giuliani explains more of the story. It’s all about a laptop that belongs to Hunter Biden and has some damaging information that makes him a national security risk. He also states that China has it all.
Rudy Giuliani starts to break down what the tech giants were trying to hide. He talks about the Biden crime family.

And finally, the last video I was able to dig up was in Chinese but it is translated. The laptops that Rudy Giuliani is investigating has information related to Hunter Biden, drug trafficking, sex trafficking and mention of a bio-weapon in NY. COVID?

I hope you took the time to watch everything. There was a lot of effort from every major tech company to kill this story. For all the years I have been covering how evil social media can be, I am still in shock to see the censorship in action.

I didn’t want to take the blog in this direction but the biggest story in our history is unfolding right before my eyes. I hope all can see it and it is not censored into oblivion.

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