Banktivity 8 goes to a very quiet Public Beta

I recently downloaded the Beta Software for my most used MAC program, Banktivity. It’s running on MacOS Big Sur and I am having no problems with it whatsoever. The biggest change is the goal setting page where you can set goals to save for an emergency, vacation and retirement. The portfolio page has also been updated and can follow all my portfolios in real time.

When I say quiet I mean I had to go to the new banktivity website to learn they had a beta. The company did post it to twitter but, they sent no email blast about the Beta and eblasts is how I get most of my info.

There is a one month free trial so if you are in the market for financial software you should give this one a try.

And if you have trouble making a budget, like all of us, this software can help you setup a budget, a powerful tool to reach your goals.

I have used this software for many years and I highly recommend it!

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