Watch: Emergency Meeting to consider a Declaration of Emergency (Oregon)

Watch as the leaders of this County, just outside of Portland, are all receiving level 2 text alerts to evacuate the area because of “Wild Fires” and they still can’t decide on whether or not they should request the National Guard.

The Clackamas County Board of Commissioners held an emergency meeting to consider a declaration of emergency to address an outbreak of wild fires throughout the County.

In this meeting this group of “leaders” are discussing reports of Antifa running around looting, staging gas cans to use in setting forest fires and cutting down telephone poles with chainsaws. They’re struggling with the decision to call in law enforcement or even the National Guard.

Get involved with voting because we all need better leaders at the local level.

Members of Antifa, dressed as firefighters, with gas cans to start fires and chainsaws to cut down telephone poles.

The mainstream media tells you its climate change that has the entire west coast on fire. Always question the mainstream media narrative. it’s usually not true.
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