Ignore. How Should Marketers Treat TikTok.

TikTok is owned by ByteDance, a $100 billion corporation based in Beijing. ProtonMail last month noted that TikTok harvests a great deal of information about its users, including how long you watch videos, what kinds of videos you like and which videos you share, along with any messages you exchange in the app.The Chinese ultimate involvement, starting to make moves to separate them.

Source: Ignore Or Explore? How Should Marketers Treat TikTok?

I am reposting this article from Forbes.com because I am no expert on TikTok. From a branding point of view, TikTok is for the kids, a very user friendly video sharing social media platform with lots of bells and whistles that is known for growing mental illness amongst teens. Probably why China is behind it.

I have only seen TikTok posts from a few teens who lost their livelyhoods and their futures because of TikTok posts. It is a very dangerous platform, very left leaning politically, so if you are looking to use TikTok for marketing, be advised that their users do not have that much discretionary income. You are marketing to children.

President Trump is looking to ban the app by executive order.

So… Owned by China, viewed with disgust by companies that specialize in protecting their users privacy and will potentially be banned in the US… you may want to stay away from this little Chinese app.

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