Is Twitter in the [Killbox]?

An interesting few weeks in social media land! This week a couple of newsworthy events happened in the social media world that make me think there will be BIG changes before the November Presidential Election and it’s all squarely aimed at twitter.

1) Is the Military working on their own platform to get out the vote that is completely unhackable? Watch this quick video, very interesting. A government platform to bypass the media and social media?

2), a social media platform that is home to every person that has been banned from Twitter (and there are a lot of banned accounts), made some waves this week that resulting in a lot of new traffic. If you have the app you may have noticed all the increased notifications.

Dan Bongino, conservative political commentator, radio show host, author, former congressional candidate, and former U.S. Secret Service agent, takes partial ownership in and with this a large number of his followers moved with him.

– At the same time, issues their own tech “Declaration of Independence” and “Bill of Rights”, which has been long overdue. A #TWEXIT is being pushed to encourage twitter users to move from Twitter to Parler.

3) President Trump on May 28 said he would shut down Twitter if it were “not honorable,” but also said he did not know how he would be able to shut down a U.S. company. Later, chatter on twitter suggested if he moved his account somewhere else that would effectively shut them down as he would be taking 70% of twitter’s traffic with him. Where would he take it? A new platform being developed by the Military?

Trump is no fan of Twitter and is threatening to remove their Section 230 shield which exempts online platforms from legal liability for the content their users post. This would open up Twitter to lawsuits from individuals but damages would be capped at $5000. This would not hit twitter in the pockets at all but may get banned accounts reinstated.

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