YouTube Quietly Introduces a Free Video Builder for Businesses

Here’s a good find! Youtube quietly introduces Youtube Video Builder for business which you can see in action here in this unlisted video:

YouTube’s Video Builder essentially animates static assets, including images, text, and logos. You can choose from a variety of layouts, customize the colors and fonts used, and add music from YouTube’s Audio Library. All for free.

You’ll end up with a short YouTube video either six seconds or 15 seconds in length. The video can then be uploaded to YouTube, and shared with customers in an email, embedded on a website, or used in an advertising campaign. Hence the ad-friendly lengths.

Video Builder is currently available in beta, with interested parties invited to apply for access. Just fill in the Video Builder beta form, which merely requires an email address connected to a Google account, with a Google Ads Customer ID entirely optional.

While Video Builder is likely to be a great tool for businesses, individuals stuck at home may also be keen to start their own YouTube channel.

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