Here are 6 Marketing Ideas you should be Looking at Now:

Easter is April 12th and so far I have been surprised by only 1 local business putting out their Easter menu or promo. Easter marketing is virtually non-existent right now. If you are open in a limited capacity now is the time to get that Easter Special out. Be a leader and encourage your customers to celebrate the holiday. It’s important now more than ever.

Social Media? – Yes, we all know about Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The goals may vary but step 1 is to understand and reach your target audience, engage your community and measure the performance of your work with an all-in-one social media management tool. I prefer LATER for small business but for more power (and $$$) I also recommend  AGORAPULSE or SPROUT SOCIAL. All have free trials.

Birthday Club – Another neglected touch is the remembering of important dates in the lives of those around us. This little nugget of info should be part of your Email Marketing list where you can really touch the lives of your customers once a year with a free little gift, preferably a trinket with your brand name on it.

Press Kits – with all non-essential businesses closed and many restaurants running at 20% of sales vs last year or less, now may be the perfect opportunity to put this free time to good use. When was the last time you updated your Media Kit (also known as a press kit)? Has your target market changed based on info you get from your social media platforms? I just worked with a business that was shocked to find out they have targeted women over 50 for the last 10 years but millennials were driving half the traffic of the business. Time for a new target!

PRWeb for press releases – If that Press kit is set, do you know how to get your message to your target market? Did you find your target market in that last step? The PRWeb is just one popular option of many to blast out a press release that will be picked up by the media to reach your target market.

Video – I am a huge fan of YouTube. Many YouTube channels are streaming live using Zoom’s Webinar feature while they share their screen of a video they are watching. The “LIVE” feature is so underutilized. Same with Facebook.  Hint: You can record these live webinars or meetings which can then be edited later into mini-commercials.

I have so many more ideas but there’s too many to put here. My best ideas come from brainstorming with current business owners. Feel free to brainstorm with me via email while I quarantine with the rest of the country. You may have an awesome idea already that just needs to be executed.

David Daniels

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